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About us

Shanghai Sancho industrial Co.,Ltd. is (hereinafter referred to as Sancho) a custom plastic thermoforming manufacturer that produces both thin and thick gauge custom plastic products.
Formed in 2006, Sancho ((formerly known as Shanghai Noku Packing Products Co., Ltd) has been working as a Total Products Packaging Solution Supplier in designing, mold making, production, and delivering;
After many years of accumulation, Sancho has become an industry expert in thermoforming plastics and packaging for a variety of applications: electronics, food, cosmetics, toys, hardware tools, stationery, Auto and other internal and external packaging.etc. We process thicknesses from 0.006" thick to 0.57" thick... [ more ]


We provide the total product packaging solutions, start with the fit & function and the aesthetics of package design — to engineering — to tool fabrication — to manufacturing — to quality assurance — and end with a timely delivery.
  OEM Manufacturing Service: Any shape, size, color are available according to your choice... [ more ]